You have big goals for your company. How much do you know about your customers, your products or services, your competitors, and the market you serve? There’s a high value in big data insights that provide a clearer focus, helping you determine where your company stands and where you need to go. Yet, if you are like the majority of companies, you don’t have professional custom surveying, analyzing, and reporting capabilities in-house. That’s why more and more companies are turning to our Economic and Market Research department at Printing Industries of America for custom market research services.

In this market research case study, learn how Magner Sanborn, a full-service advertising and brand design agency, worked one on one with their market research team to find vital solutions for their digital printing client.

Custom Market Research Case Study

An industrial commercial press manufacturer had a problem. Their agency, Magner Sanborn, as Ed Gleeson, director, Economic and Market Research described, “wanted to leverage their brand, but first they needed to know where they stood in the market.” Magner Sanborn partnered with the Printing Industries of America Economic and Market Research team to determine the current market awareness of their client’s digital printing technology in the commercial printing industry. The team developed a baseline brand awareness benchmark in each of the major channels of the commercial printing industry to measure the progress of various advertising campaigns over the next twelve months.


Magner Sanborn “started the conversation with a well-defined marketing problem and primary study objectives,” Gleeson said. “In most cases we help companies better define their marketing problem and hone in on their research objectives. However, Magner Sanborn came to Printing Industries of America to take advantage of our knowledge of the printing industry. We helped them craft an online survey to collect the necessary intelligence to meet their primary study objectives.” After the data was collected, the team worked with Magner Sanborn to develop the necessary banners and crosstabs to present the findings to their client’s senior management.

Magnor Sanborn met their goal to establish a benchmark for brand awareness and consideration for their client. They are now able to measure their progress against these metrics. Their client “is now more motivated to have an active and visible role in 2014—to build the brand and drive sales,” said Jill Hulswit, account supervisor at Magner Sanborn

More insights—Read the full interview with Jill Hulswit of Manger Sanborn to learn more about how you can leverage custom market research to reach your business goals. Find out how the research team works with you to develop a custom strategy, how data is analyzed, and to what measures they will go to get the job done.

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