The device was installed three weeks ago and joins the company’s existing fleet of HP printers including two HP Latex 260s, two HP Designjet Z6200 photo printers and an HP5500, which was installed in 1999.

AJD Group, which comprises AJ Print, BPE Signs and Just, offers a range of products including POS displays, posters, roller banners and vehicle wraps.

Managing director John Attridge said that the installation of the L280 meant that the business could now produce 2.5m-wide banners without the need to put seams in.

The company sold its Roland SJ1000 to make way for the new machine and Attridge said he was already eyeing other printers and ancillary finishing equipment.

He said that the company had made the decision to become an HP-only house, including all inks and media, for two reasons. “Firstly, we have used the brand for many years and therefore know and trust it well; and secondly, the superior technology allows us to provide a 24-hour print service with only eight hours of manned supervision, thus avoiding the need for two complete shifts of labour,” he explained.

Attridge said that as well as investing in more equipment in the coming months, the business intended to “make competitor acquisitions” that would add to its capacity.

As a result of its planned acquisitions, which Attridge said were still confidential, the £1.2m-turnover group is forecasting an ambitious £15.5m in sales by the end of 2016.

“Whilst this looks ambitious, contracts already in place that are yet to begin, as well as others in the pipeline, suggest that this figure may in fact balloon toward £80m should critical formation factors come into being,” said Attridge.

The business also intends to increase its 13-strong workforce to 20 by the end of 2013.