You only have to read through one industry publication to know that there is a lot of talk about digital printing. From package to commercial printing, innovation in this field is taking place daily. If there were a good time to declare a “Digital Boom,” you can say that time is now.

We’ve expanded the digital print category for the 2013 Premier Print Awards competition because it has become such an important, growing segment in our industry. Printing companies can now choose from eight, more product-specific subcategories to enter their pieces like On-Demand, Variable-Data, and more.

“As a representative for the industry, Printing Industries of America is no stranger to adapting to new technologies to support the needs of our members,” says Lisa Rawa, Vice President, Marketing. “We’ve seen a surge of digitally printed entries in recent years, and it is evident that these printers can really hold their own. We wanted to give them new, exciting opportunities to be recognized for their work.”

Did we mention that there are more than 100 other categories to enter in the Premier Print Awards? According to Lisa, “We want this competition to touch upon every niche in the industry so that any printer has an opportunity to enter and win. Digital printing is expanding, and we have expanded our offerings to reflect this.”

This is not the first time we have re-energized the Premier Print Awards to keep the contest relevant and in sync with the industry environment. And with all of the innovation among printers, it will not be the last change either.

Here are the new Digital Printing subcategories for the Premier Print Awards:

  1. On-Demand
  2. Brochures and Booklets (1, 2, or 3 colors)
  3. Brochures and Booklets (4 or more colors)
  4. Juvenile Books
  5. Novelty Books
  6. Cookbooks
  7. Customized/Personalized/Variable-Data Digital Printing
  8. Campaign

Read more about the Primer Print Awards and how you can enter on our website  Also find out about other digital printing education events.