The new model, which sells for around £120,000, replaces Special Binding Service’s previous Autobond Mini 105 laminator, which was destroyed by smoke and water in an inferno last year. The new kit in Brisbane outputs 10,000 sheet per hour B1.

Autobond managing director John Gilmore said: “The old kit was about five years old and we moved heaven and Earth to get the new machine there; it’s a 10-week shipping time. What makes this model stand out is it’s really fast, very productive. Makeready takes five minutes.”

Mini 105 mark II is a 105cm x 76cm landscape laminator with a maximum operating speed of 60m per minute. It utilises a Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 feed head and is fitted with an optional perfector to laminate two sides in one pass. It also features a stacker.

“Special Binding Service has shown real character to bounce back from last year’s setback,” said Gilmore. “Australia is consistently proving to be one of our best markets for laminators. Because of the vast distances, it is essential to have reliable and versatile machinery.”

Special Binding Service is a full finishing house for printers offering binding and lamination of book covers and posters. Production manager Warren Swinburne went to Drupa to replace the company’s production line.

Tom Ralph, managing director of Australian agent Graph-Pak said: “Autobond is renowned across the Australasian markets for producing great build quality machines that are powerful, easy to use, and that can help expand a company’s business.”