Join us for the Automation Solutions Network meeting hosted by the Japs-Olson Company on September 18-19, 2012, in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. You will have the opportunity to hear from Japs-Olson representatives, along with other industry leaders, about how to increase your profitability through automation. Specializing in direct mail and commercial printing, Japs-Olson Company is continually recognized as a leader in the printing industry.

  • Tour this state-of-the-art plant and learn about the history that has helped shape this 512,000 square foot facility. Hear senior management expound upon the benefits of using automation as one strategy to maintain a leading competitive position.
  • Learn how to continuously improve workflow while reducing touch points and improving your business model.
  • Open Discussion Sessions
    Network with print leaders and peers as they discuss best practices to apply to your business. We invited the major suppliers to speak about Japs-Olson’s workflow solutions and integration techniques.
  • Uncover the automation challenges and solutions to integrating inkjet and offset printing processes.

 The Automation Solutions Network has established itself as the premiere event to exchange ideas and solutions for automated workflows. It focuses on the development and practical implementation of workflow automation and cross-vendor integration implementations. The group welcomes a wide range of users employing automated technology as well as suppliers of those systems. The steering committee of the Automation Solutions Network is made up entirely of printers who have either implemented systems or are in the process of doing so.

If you have question about improving your workflow or for more information about the meeting, visit the Japs-Olson meeting page or contact Automation at 800-910-4283 or You don’t want to miss this chance to tour the integrated Japs-Olson facility and learn how to increase profitability through workflow automation.


We want to know: When you are looking at new software and equipment, what is the number one factor that goes in to your decision-making process?

  • ROI calculations and strategy
  • Stand alone performance of the software or equipment
  • Integrating the software or equipment into your existing processes

 Tell us, and Printing Industries of America can provide the solutions needed to achieve automation.

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