The company installed five Ricoh Pro 1106 EX high-speed mono printers, which totalled £80,000. They replaced five Hitachi DDP 70 machines and the fastest new printer runs at 110 images per minute. The old kit produced 70 images per minute.

The 25-staff company also paid £30,000 for a second Norpak P9 polywrap inserter to allow staff to process, print and polywrap documents at double the speed, up to 8,000 feeds per hour.

Baker Goodchild spent £15,000 on an Astrojet 3800 high-speed address inkjetter that runs at 40,000 sheets per hour. The mailing house does direct mail, international mailing and bulk postage work for charities, the city council and businesses.

Production manager Wesley Sinclair said: “As we continue to grow it is essential we update and increase our plant and machinery to keep ahead of our customer demands. With more kit we can now run bigger jobs, and have doubled the speed of our printed outputs.

“We needed more equipment to meet growing production needs – it’s a big thank you to our sales team and the quality of our products. Each year we want to increase business bit by bit: our turnover is £3.6m and this year we hope to go over the £4m mark.”