The BAPC said it would complement its existing legal advice helpline which offers members guidance on a range of legal matters including business disputes, domestic situations and criminal affairs.

“The new service reflects growing demand for legal advice across human resources and employment law such as disciplinary matters, pregnancy issues and job contracts,” said BAPC chairman Sidney Bobb. “This is a huge, complex area of law and demand for help is high.”

“For many companies the two largest departments are legal and human resources. More issues are about staff and employment law as companies try to understand the legalities and complexities of managing a business under increasing constraints.”

Bobb said the BAPC has struck an initial one-year deal with the Employment Law Advisory Services business support organisation that dedicates services to human resources and employment law.

Bobb added: “The BAPC has built a reputation for providing members with benefits that help in business. This enhanced free service will not only assist our members but will give them peace of mind when it comes to the challenges and intricacies of employment law.”

He said the organisation, which covers the graphic arts, print and communication sectors, did not have a detailed breakdown of the number of calls or query types that are currently made to the existing service.