Ipex is one of the sponsors of the BAPC show at Borehamwood, Herts, and is funding the discount offer. People pre-registering for Ipex at the Excel in London from 24-29 March 2014, will be eligible for a £15 discount on the £25 ticket for the BAPC show, a non-profit event also open to non-members.

The BAPC gathering from 17-18 January 2014 is themed “the best is yet to come” and speakers will include Ipex 2014 event director Trevor Crawford. He will talk on the importance of seizing every educational opportunity offered by the industry.

BAPC chairman Sidney Bobb said: “We are going through a period of change and where there’s change there’s opportunity. Over the past couple of years it’s been hard for people to leave offices or their businesses to take advantage of educational programmes and exhibitions.

“Trevor’s brief is to convince people to participate in these activities. They give you access to new technology and new and existing customers. Last week’s Cross Media show proved how popular education is: all seminar rooms were full, as people have a thirst for knowledge and information.”

Crawford said: “Ipex 2014 has always had a strong affinity with the BAPC. The organisations are two aligning synergies that work to promote the print industry and I am looking forward to discussing this first hand with the BAPC’s members in January.”

Other speakers include Steve Lovett, who will look at whether there is a future for SMEs and micro businesses, and consultant Mark Horgan. A Q&A session will query what is a brand, does a small business have a brand and if so, how can it be protected and maximised for profit.

Bobb said: “Other areas that will come up for discussion are how companies can secure a high-ranking on search engines and whether social media is merely a consumer fad or can it help in business-to-business situations.”

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