According to the manufacturer, the revamped machines offer faster makereadies, are quicker to get back into production after a stop and reduce waste.

Benson Group is to purchase two of the new units – one to be installed at its Bardon site in August and the other destined for its facility in Gateshead at the end of the year.

The two new machines will join existing Expertcuts and replace other Bobst devices. Both sites specialise in the production of cartonboard packaging for food products.

Benson managing director Mark Kerridge said: “Our existing Expertcut units have been performing extremely well.They are robust pieces of equipment that have proven very reliable and highly productive.

“These latest additions, with the system enhancements that have been added by Bobst, will help to provide further post-press efficiencies.”

Bobst business director Craig Moran said: “The modifications run throughout the machine, including new feeder technology, changes to the sheet transport system, faster makeready in the stripping and delivery sections and developments that reduce the wear, and consequently increase the life, of die-cutting tools.”