The facts are clear: employees are happier and more financially secure when their company is truly invested in them. Is your workplace invested in its employees? It’s time to find out!

If you have a great workplace, now is the time to showcase what you have done for your employees by entering the 2012 Best Workplace in the Americas Program. Please send your entry through a traceable means.

Visit to download the entry form. You will need:

  • A brief summary statement—highlighting why your company is a Best Workplace
  • Employee Handbook (required)
  • Supporting Materials (optional)—anything that you think would help the judges understand your HR policies and practices. Items may include, but are not limited to: company newsletters, employee testimonials, program descriptions, outlines and results, goal statements, etc.
  • Payment of the entry fee (for more information, download the brochure for the Fee Schedule)

For past winners, the benefits of the Best Workplace in the Americas Program have been immeasurable:

“Our employees are very important to us! Being able to provide them with a safe work environment, great benefits, and many company perks helps us show them how much we care about them. Communicorp has won Best of the Best eight out of the last ten years, and we are proud to share this success with our employees!”

Robin Scrivner, HR
Communicorm, Inc.

“The Best Workplace in the Americas competition helps Vox to keep our focus on our company’s most valuable asset—our people. We believe if our coworkers are trained, encouraged, and motivated, we can continue to grow our customer and vendor relationships that provide the foundation for the success we have been able to achieve so far. We look forward to challenging ourselves to become an even better place to work each year. “

David Reid, President
Vox Printing, Inc.

What’s more—all entrants, winners and non-winners, receive the Best Practices of the Best Workplaces book. This publication highlights the judges’ favorite programs and policies, a benefit to everyone who has entered. See what caught the eye of the judges, and maybe even “borrow” an idea or two!

The deadline for entries is October 26, 2012. Enter today!