The 10-colour Speedmaster XL 75 perfector runs out 15,000 sheets an hour, and its automated plate-changing ability won over managing director Gareth Roberts who has added the press to his existing range of eight- and 10-colour machines.

Roberts said the the 221-staff litho printer in Portsmouth, Hamsphire, was handling more orders but for smaller volumes, needing a greater number of plates and plate changes. Average makeready times had already dropped from 13 to two minutes, he added.

“I’m mindful of the economy but you have to be positive and bold in your approach,” he said. “Enquiries are up 18 per cent year on year and sales have risen 9%. Our biggest client accounts for 5% of our turnover, reflecting good service and value.”

Print production operated 24-hours a day, seven days a week to meet customer needs, including Premiership football clubs such as Arsenal, he added. His company runs over 21,750 jobs across 2,371 customers a year.

Roberts also installed a new Stahlfolder TH 82 as part of the investment at Bishops Printers, which has upped turnover by £4m to £20m in three years. Average order value from short-run business cards, stationery and leaflets is £983.

The business, with clients also including local traders and big names such as Specsavers and the NHS, is part of Bishops Group. Web and app firm Graphic Design House and the direct mail and fulfillment set up the Mailing People are sister companies.