Hear an interview with Adam Ostrow of Mashable Blog, where he talks about how the Mashable blog operates behind the scene.  Since we have a blog that needs to find its balance, I am looking at how to make the SMFG blog more successful.  I was fascinated with the fact that Mashable publishes 30 articles daily and they have 20 people working on the blog and that does not include the other contributors.  It was discouraging since it is easy to see why it is difficult to keep a blog going but we (Julie and I) are planning to re-launch the SMFG blog to be more relevant and gain more people interested in the contents. 

If you are interested in blogs, check out the short video with Ostrow.  You probably will find it very informative and worth the few minutes.  Let me know what you think. http://prnt.in/Z3P

 Mashable is a very good example of a blog to emulate.  I checked out Technorati for other blogs to review. http://technorati.com/blogs/top100 Sure enough, Mashable was #3.  Huffington Post continues to rack up #1 positioning on blog ratings; www.huffingtonpost.com   According to Technorati, blogs are now the new arm of the fourth estate.  The 2010 State of the Technorati Blogosphere is an excellent source of information about blogs. http://prnt.in/Z3W

Any blogs that you like? What topics attract you?