The latest eight-colour Speedmaster XL106 perfector completed commissioning on 24 May. Like its twin, which was installed last July, it is configured with Cutstar reel sheeter, Inpress colour control and Autoplate XL simultaneous plate changing.

Buxton managing director Kirk Galloway said the company, which prior to the installation of the first XL last summer had been an all KBA house, was delighted with the performance of the XLs.

“When combined with our existing four KBA long perfecting presses, [the XLs] will completely revolutionise Buxton’s overall output capabilities,” said Galloway.

He added that the company was already looking at its next press install as part of its commitment to completely revamp its press hall with a new machine every other year up to 2018. The Derbyshire magazine printer has also created “several new positions” as a result of the second installation.

The press spend is the centrepiece of a £20m re-equip that the firm hopes will help support its strategy to boost turnover to £30m.

“The new generation of presses offer significant improvements in terms of make ready times, paper and ink usage, lower power requirements and simplified maintenance, factors which when combined not only assist us in reaching our capacity targets but also allow us to maintain print pricing stability for our clients – a win win combination in our very competitive market sector,” said Galloway.

“A further investment in press number three is already on the cards,” he added.

As well as the £7m Drupa spend on the two Speedmaster XLs the firm also re-equipped its bindery with a substantial investment with Friedheim International.