“With marketing budgets tighter than ever, the measurement tool offers print service providers the potential to help their customers improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of their print applications,” said a spokesman.

“It also serves as a proof point that they can use to support their service offerings by presenting customers with the costs, results and benefits of previous customer success stories.”

The “print-centric ROI tool” follows Canon research published last year that found only one in ten companies in Europe had a formal process for evaluating the effectiveness of the print they commissioned. Many felt working out the value of print was too hard to quantify.

The ROI tool is powered by Microsoft Excel and allows print service providers to profile a customer and their planned campaign to help the set out aims and objectives.

“It can be used in a number of different ways: firstly as part of a consultative approach by the print service provider towards their buyer, understanding their needs and requirements in relation to the application or campaign they are looking to purchase or commission.

“The PSP can then highlight a potential ROI that could be achieved on the back of that investment. It is also a resource for industry data and statistics, highlighting the value of specific print applications through data from a variety of European sources.”

Canon’s European and UK graphic arts customer marketing spokesman Andy Harris said: “We wanted to help answer many of the questions raised by print buyers on the value of print and provide a means to analyse and measure the effectiveness of print applications in their campaigns.”

Visit http://www.canon-europe.com/roi/