Granted, it is an honor just to be nominated. But winning a coveted “Benny” Award at the Premier Print Awards is an undeniable accomplishment both professionally and personally. Not merely a statue to keep on your desk, the “Benny” can be a tool to propel your business, attract new clients, and motivate your employees.  We have been bestowing this award for more than 60 years, and this year can be your year to take your place among the elite.

We have a sneak peek at winners’ success stories where they share their proven ways to capitalize on winning a Premier Print Award. In addition to receiving the “Benny” statuette at the Premier Print Awards and InterTechTM Technology Awards Gala in Chicago, Printing Industries of America will:

  • Provide winners with a self-promotion kit that include a press release template, Premier Print Awards image, and complimentary ticket to the Gala.
  • Announce the winners to the trade press.
  • Publish the winners list in the Premier Print Awards Annual and on our website,

You may think the party ends here, but the key to prolonging the afterglow of winning a “Benny” is to utilize promotion and benefits. 2011 Premier Print Award winner, Jim Mayes, owner of ColorCraft of Virginia in Sterling, VA says his customers “are pleased when their piece wins an award.” Additionally, his team is, “proud of their work, and an award on something that they produced gives them a sense of pride.” 

Their win has enabled them to “promote ColorCraft as a high-end digital and ink jet printer.”

Ms. Tonya Spiers of Knight Abby Printing and Direct Mail in Biloxi, MS, earned a “Benny” in the 2011 Premier Print Awards and has seen her sales grow as a direct result. She told us how she profited from her accomplishment:

What has winning a “Benny” meant to you and your business?

We are so proud and honored to be recognized as part of such an elite group. Our sales professionals have a photo of the “Benny” in with their brochures. It really opens up a dialog with customers. 

Has the way customers and your competitors view your business changed since your win?

We have never been recognized like that before, and we are now able to have that level of conversation with our customers. We stand out among some of the best people in the U.S. and the world. In the suffering economy, we can still create great digital work and great pieces.

How did you utilize the press kit from Printing Industries of America?

The press kit was very helpful. We published the press release in articles we send out to companies and to customers. It was also seen by our local competitors.

What is the most rewarding result of winning this award?

Our company used this award to boost internal morale and for employee recognition more than anything.  To be able to take this award back home and say to them, “You did this,” has been the greatest benefit. We have a great team and great customer service. It can be difficult, sometimes, in our industry, and they are proud to have earned this.

Printing Industries of America hosts the Premier Print Awards to recognize the highest quality in printing. Companies of any size are encouraged to enter, as some categories are segmented to ensure like-size companies compete with each other. A win of any award will promote exposure and long-lasting success for your business. The first step in achieving this level of success is to enter the Premier Print Awards by visiting Enter by April 20, 2012, to receive the Early Bird discount. All entries must be received by May 18, 2012.

Do you have a success story to share? We want to hear your story! Please leave a comment below or visit us at Printing Industries of America Networking Group on LinkedIn where you can discuss opportunities with your peers.