Dr. Taz Tally, Taz Tally Photography and Director of the Digital Print Production Program, Sessions.eduThe Online School of Design, has been practicing, teaching, and writing about photography for more than 30 years. Specializing in black and white landscape photography, Dr. Tally is an expert in controlling image color and quality, and reproducing his awe-inspiring images using Adobe Creative Suite. 

Creating high-quality color images requires a combination of both creative image capture skills and technically competent image adjustment and management expertise. Achieving high-quality final color photographic output depends upon:

  • Developing and utilizing high-quality techniques and processes throughout your color workflow, including composing eye-catching image compositions,
  • Capturing images with Photoshop in mind
  • Accurately and efficiently evaluating the color quality of your images
  • Utilizing nondestructive image adjustment and editing techniques
  • Accurately and efficiently adjusting your color, preparing your image for your final output device(s)
  • Exporting and/or printing your final image—all while managing your color consistently throughout the process.

So, consistently creating good, quality color images requires a mixture of both right-brain creative judgment and left-brain analytical and technical skills and organization. Most of us tend to favor one side of the brain or the other. Those who are more left-brain oriented may find the creative aspects of image capture to be a bit outside of our comfort zone. Similarly, those who are more right-brain oriented can be thoroughly intimidated by the analytical and technical aspects of color correction and color management. The reality of today’s creative and business life is that the same individual is often tasked with having both the creative insights and the technical competence to produce and output high-quality images. The good news is that the fundamentals of designing eye-catching image compositions and executing technically competent color correction and management are both learnable skills!

During a full-day color image seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona, we will work our way through the entire high-quality color image creation workflow. We will begin with learning and then using a four-step process for composing eye-catching images. Then using the images we captured in the composition portion of the seminar we will step through the process of image evaluation, nondestructive color correction, and image editing. We will then finish up with preparing our images for final output, including printing. Throughout the entire process, we will be conscious of developing then maintaining the color quality of our images.

Dr. Taz Tally will be presenting The Fine Art of Digital Photography and Workflow pre-conference workshop at the 2012 Color Management Conference, December 1–4, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Experience this valuable creative learning experience in a gorgeous desert setting. Find more information on this session and more here.