The cutter’s unique selling point, according to UK distributor Leopold Professional Imaging, is its price point which, it claims, is half that of other market-leading flatbed cutting tables.

The 1.6m x 3m flatbed cutter retails at £55,000. Included in the price is a one horse power motor, software, a computer interface, installation and delivery and three tool heads from a range including an oscillating knife, fixed knife, kiss-cut knife and creasing tool.

Another highlight, according to the distributor, was the cutter’s “robust” build and the possibility of upgrading the router motor used to a three horse power fitting for cutting particularly challenging substrates.

First buyer of the new machine in the UK, A3M Designs reported that a key attraction was its low-noise vacuum system that has six individual pumps for ease of use should one pump fail. “The reduced noise is a massive factor,” said co-owner at A3M Ken Green.

“It’s also simply the way it’s put together, it is just very impressive – it looks like its going to last.”