As printing companies expand, sooner or later, they outgrow their Management Information System (MIS). Software must meet current needs by providing e-commerce, file submission, and more end-to-end solutions.

If you’ve ever had to purchase a new MIS, you know it can be a daunting task. There is a lot riding on this one integral software solution that must integrate seamlessly into many different parts of the production process. Plus it’s extremely challenging to calculate the ROI, because of the fact that it is a software solution.

How would you like to be able to compare and analyze a variety of different MIS? 

A new Technology Bulletin just released from the Center for Technology and Research, the 2014 Printing Industries of America Survey of Management Information Systems,  profiles 49 different software programs. We asked each vendor to dish all of the details on their software so you can compare them side by side. The result is more than 300 pages of invaluable data to help you choose the right MIS to gain new efficiencies and a greater ROI.

Solutions You Need to Know

Section one lets you see the actual survey results from all 49 vendors. From accounting and estimating functions to real-time data collection, this feedback is especially helpful in getting a comprehensive understanding of each vendor’s capabilities. Then, in section two, all that data is collated into a convenient overview of all of the companies.

Break It Down

Many printers have specific needs that their new MIS must meet, whether it’s cost, specific functionality, operating system compatibility, and so forth. Each MIS is broken down based on these different criteria to allow you to directly compare based on the needs of your operation.

Case Studies and User Feedback

Before making this important purchase decision, become a better-informed buyer. New for 2014, the MIS Survey also provides additional resources with company case studies and customer testimonials. You can also read vendor white papers and press releases on the software.

The 2014 MIS Survey is available free for Printing Industries of America members at must be logged in to our website as a member).