Problems with traditional folding, such as knuckling and poor creasing, prompted the launch of Corrugate, according to creasing matrix product maker and supplier C&T Matrix.

“Corrugate reduces knuckling by creating a holding form in which to crease,” said managing director Simon Shenton.”The result is a more accurate and better-defined crease, while overall appearance is improved.”

Corrugate has a base that was much wider than traditional products, he said, giving stronger adhesion to the plate and reducing movement of the matrix, poor registration and even failure to crease.

Shenton explained that Corrugate eliminated unsightly parallel ‘witness’ marks and cushioned the impact of the crease.

UK sales manager Jeremy Saunders said: “The launch was customer-led: larger companies in packaging such as Smurfit and DS Smith came to us with various problems asking ‘can you help with this’?

“Corrugate is only 15%-20% more expensive than narrow-base creasing matrixes but nobody does a wide product across a range like we do. A major manufacturer has placed a huge stock order, which is a good indication of how well it’s going.”

Shenton added: “Corrugate, used in conjunction with the correct rubber solution, will reduce production problems, including cracking of the outer liner or the printed colour, and fishtailing misalignments.

“This combination will improve productivity, performance and quality as well as avoid expensive additional makeready or machine downtime.”