The 2.5×3.5m high speed UV flatbed device was launched as part of a new 600 series range, which replaces 550 series.

Signing the contract on the Canon stand (H5S) DiPrint Oy chief executive Peter Maaronen said the new device would help the business meet customer demand for same day turnaround.

He added: “I’m very much looking forward to getting it installed and benefitting from the additional capacity – and business – it will deliver.”

The machine will be delivered in August will join DiPrint Oy’s existing Océ Arizona 360 XT, bought in 2011, and a ColorWave 600 PP.

Meanhwile a new wide-format report released at Fespa by Canon has revealed that print buyers want more communication and faster response times from their print clients.

Your Customers’ View on the Value of Print, was released at Fespa this week as a wide-format addition to its insight report, Bigger Picture, which was published last year.

The new report, contains specific research into the wide format market and in-depth interview results from a panel of 30 pan-European print buyers that commission wide-format work.

The research highlighted a need for more printers to offer faster response times, communicate more effectively and provide samples of their work to prove their credibility.

Twenty-nine panelists said they were commissioning work on a wider variety of substrates than just paper and card, such as glass, metal and wood.

Meanwhile 24 interviewees said that they are not contacted regularly by their print clients and nine said they never hear from them.

The research is designed to help printers better understand the requirements of print buyers so they can boost business opportunities.