Ditto Formcore is a paper-based, fully recyclable alternative to existing foam boards. It is manufactured by EmLam, a sister company to BCP Fluted Packaging in Blackburn.

The firm’s stand at the show features a large suspended 3x1m format sign printed on the material, demonstrating its dimensional stability even in the varying temperatures of an exhibition hall.

“We’ve had key people from printers look at it and saying ‘that’s fantastic’,” said BCP chairman Brian Jones.

“The two key benefits are that it’s extremely dimensionally stable, and it’s recyclable. It can go in the paper recycling stream so it’s easy for retailers – there’s no landfill cost,” he added.

Martyn Hicks, sales director at Screenprint Productions in Brighouse, said: “I think this will be the new foam board. It’s flat, it’s recyclable, and it prints beautifully.”

Formcore represents a £2m investment by BCP, which has patented the formulation. The board is made from embossed, formed paper finished with a high-quality printing surface suitable for screen or digital printing.

The board was originally launched last year. It is now ready for full commercial roll-out after the company made improvements to the lamination following feedback from early users.

Formcore is available in four standard sizes up to 1,524×3,048mm.

For more information visit www.ditto.co.uk.

A number of major point-of-sale printers are understood to be in the process of testing the material with retail clients.

Proctor Paper & Board in Leeds is stocking the material in the UK.