The latest Annual Door Drop Industry Report, carried out by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), shows that door drop volumes across the UK grew from 6.9bn in 2011 to 7.2bn last year.

Meanwhile expenditure on door drop media, which includes leaflets, catalogues, newsletters and product samples, was up £10m to £266m.

The figures represents the first year-on-year growth since 2012 although an overall decline of almost 40% since 2005 when nearly 12bn items of door drops were delivered to UK households. The report cited improved household targeting for the decline.

The Leaflet Company chief executive and chair of the DMA Door Drops Committee Mark Young said there were a number of factors for the return of growth.

“While some larger users of the medium have reduced volumes the overall growth has come from new and lapsed users coming into the channel and realising its` potential.

“As a result of this and the continuing decline of coverage with free newspapers the price point has increased slightly with alternative methods of coverage, the major benefactors being the Royal Mail,” he added.

Meanwhile the report also showed that waste reduction targets mean that the average weight of door drop material has decreased by 17% from 19g in 2005 to 16g last year.