The pressure sensitive Protac high coat weight (HCW) films will improve the life and colour integrity of UV printed output on permanent and semi-permanent signage, according to the manufacturer.

The new solvent adhesive Protac HCW films include the anti-graffiti 50 micron PET, designed to enhance graphics and images that require a “popped” or 3D effect, and a glossy 80 micron monomeric PVC film.

The latest films follow the introduction earlier this year of the anti-scratch matte 100 micron monomeric film.

The Protac HCW laminates include UV inhibitors within the adhesive designed to extend the life of the UV inks beneath them.

Drytac Europe sales director Steve Broad said: “One of the problems of UV ink is its limited outdoor durability in south facing light conditions. This is due to the fact that the inks are manufactured with minimum levels of inhibitors so they cure more efficiently. These films have high levels of inhibitors which overcome this issue and protect UV-printed output from sun damage.”

He added: “Our tackifiers in the adhesive help with adhesion to low surface energy substrates which is especially important if your products are going to be cut on digital cutters.

The films offer up to three years’ protection outdoors and are available in a range of widths between 1040mm and 1550mm. Protac glossy is available on 50m reels while anti-scratch and graffiti come in 50m or 100m reels.

Starting price is around £297 per reel.

Drytac products are available through Antalis, after the supplier secured an exclusive distribution deal earlier this year.