A spokesman said the latest addition to Durst’s Rho 500R Series printers, which are able to print three 1.6m rolls in seperate print queues, would blend the models’ small drop size with high productivity. Further details were not revealed but he said it would be commercially available at the show next week.

“It’s very similar to the 500 series and all I can say is it is even higher quality, so you can draw your own conclusions. It is highly productive but ultra high quality so things like backlits are now very possible on a super-wide format printer.”

Also on show will be the Rho 1000 Series high-end flatbed printers, unveiled in the USA and mainland Europe in April, he said.

“Featured on the stand will be the Rho 1012 with a small drop size of only 12 picolitres which provides high resolution printing while maintaining a productivity of up to 490m² per hour at 1000dpi.”

He added: “Visitors will see the latest addition to our Rhotex textile printers. Meanwhile Durst Variodrop and Greyscale will be featured in the Rho P10 Series of printers. The new Variodrop technology provides up to 25% increase in output.

“Our application of inkjet technology to industrial applications can be seen with the IP engine, which is a high-speed inkjet engine ideally suited for integration into automated production lines.

“It will print directly onto the widest range of media and typical industrial applications including touch panels, tachometer and manometer displays, as well as membrane switches and instrument panels.”

Finally, Durst will highlight options for digital interior decoration. Kit is capable of tackling virtually all surfaces within a building’s interior including wallpaper, wood flooring, home textiles, glass and ceramics, he said.