The new machine, which will be manufactured by Edale but uses technology developed by both companies, is designed to enable printers to convert pressure-sensitive labels and flexible packaging printed on the HP Indigo 20000.

With a width of 762mm, the Digicon 3000 is designed to match up to the web width of the Indigo 20000, which, according to Edale, is ideally suited to the majority of label and flexible packaging applications.

The machine comprises eight processes: pre-treatment, drying, laminating, slitting, die-cutting, printing, unwind and rewind.

Edale managing director James Boughton said: “The Digicon 3000 is packed with innovations that will serve to enhance and broaden the applications possible in mid web digital label and packaging printing.”

The companies said that two machines had already been sold. The first is to be installed at US labelling firm Innovative Labelling Solutions (ILS). ILS will be running a label and flexible packaging configuration with the HP Indigo 20000 running inline with the Digicon 3000.

ILS owner Jay Dollries said: “The Digicon 3000 will provide versatility and accuracy that will keep us well ahead of the technology curve.”

The new machine will get its first live airing at Label Expo Europe in Brussels (24-27 September 2013) where it will be shown running on the HP stand (5C 105).