Pilette will officially leave his post at the global business on 3 September although he will help to create a smooth transition until the end of the quarter, during which time the company will begin a recruitment process for a replacement.

Senior vice president and general manager of EFI Productivity Software, Marc Olin, will step in as interim CFO, while chief accounting officer Brandy Green will assist the role, joining the senior leadership team.

Pilette, who was appointed as CFO at the start of 2011 to help drive the company’s growth strategy, exits on a high note after EFI posted record quarterly growth in Q2. Sales were up 10% year-on-year to $180.3m and operating profit up 19% to $23.4m.

In a statement Pilette said: “While it was a difficult decision for me to leave EFI as the business is just beginning to realise its full potential, this strong position also makes it the right time for me to take on a different set of challenges and embark on the next chapter in my career.

“My confidence in the company’s leadership and opportunities has never been higher, and I look forward to remaining a supporter and a shareholder of EFI,” he added.

On Pilette’s departure EFI chief executive Guy Gecht said: “We are grateful for Vincent’s contributions to EFI and we wish him the best with his new endeavor.

“We are confident in the finance team’s ability, with Marc and Brandy’s leadership, to comprehensively support the entire organisation in our mission to capitalize on the significant short and long term opportunities in front of us.”

The company declined to comment further on Pilette’s future plans.