The pack contains a variety of samples, including white ink, laser cutting, 3D UV varnishing, and printed clear gloss PET. The samples are unbranded to allow Exaprint’s customers to use them as selling tools.

Exaprint UK managing director Simon Cooper said: “Our customers can show their customers some of the things that are possible, that they might not be able to do themselves.

“We are bringing these techniques to a wider audience, rather than to just an elite few who can afford to make those big investments in the equipment required.”

The Creative Box costs £10, which is redeemable against orders for products from the range. However, Exaprint is currently running a limited-time promotion using social media and the sample pack is free to Twitter users who tweet a promotional message.

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Exaprint launched onto the UK market in May. The firm offers a trade only outsourcing service to printers and designers, using its own sophisticated web-to-print tools. Only registered users see pricing.

More than 500 firms have subsequently signed up with the service.