Is your operation in compliance with federal, state, and local environmental and safety regulations? Would you be ready if an EPA or OSHA inspector showed up at your door today?  An inspection can happen at any time, and if you are not prepared, you could face thousands of dollars in fines for even minor infractions. The best way to solve a compliance issue is before an inspection occurs, and the Environmental, Health, and Safety experts at Printing Industries of America are here to help with all of your regulatory compliance needs.

Our expert staff has the knowledge to provide you with timely and effective solutions for preventing and resolving compliance issues, responding to an enforcement action, or achieving sustainability certification to go beyond compliance. Customer demands for sustainability are increasing, and EHS compliance is a requirement of any credible sustainability program.

Agency penalties for noncompliance can be severe and expensive, and safety violations can lead to serious injuries. The first place to start with achieving regulatory compliance is to know and understand what rules apply to your operation. This is done with a compliance audit that the EHS team can conduct to confirm compliance or uncover violations and help correct them in a reasonable fashion and without government penalty. If an inspection has already occurred, the EHS team can help mitigate any violations and penalties.   

When in Need, Turn to Printing Industries of America

  • We know printing, inside and out.
    With nearly 50 years of combined printing industry experience, our EHS experts provide knowledgeable, effective, and professional service to printers across the nation. With our expertise, you eliminate the need to spend time and money educating other consultants about your business and the industry.
  • We know the rules.
    Whether it’s compliance or sustainability, we have an extensive understanding of regulatory requirements and industry standards, and we can help you understand it all.
  • We can save you money.
    Our EHS experts have saved clients thousands of dollars by being able to navigate the regulatory process, help develop cost effective compliance management, and negotiate with the appropriate agency in cases of citations and penalties.

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