Getting hands-on training is important when trying to get your printing facility up to speed. With the upcoming workshop, Extreme Offset: Troubleshoot, Control, Optimize, attendees will get the proper training to keep their facility in top condition, while learning how to print higher quality pieces more efficiently.

Extreme Offset will be the first workshop of 2013 for Printing Industries of America. Held March 19–21, 2013, this popular workshop will provide the essential training to save your business money and gain an aggressive edge against the competition. Attendees will participate in sessions in the areas of troubleshooting, controlling, and optimizing printing capabilities and activities in the pressroom environment. With this comes hands-on learning from Printing Industries of America’s experts—Lloyd DeJidas, Director, Graphic Services and Facility Manager, and Greg Workman, Pressroom and Bindery Supervisor.

Printing Industries’ Test forms are just one resource that will be presented in the press laboratory. Learning their proper use will be part of day one at Extreme Offset. Test forms are comprehensive diagnostic and measurement tools designed to help printers achieve quality color printing with less waste and reduced makeready time. The instructors will demonstrate how you can use test forms to see if your printing presses are reproducing consistent color. Additionally, see how to use these forms as a benchmark, with the ability to put your own color management targets into the form to compare color and consistency from the original colors.

To learn more about this informative event, visit and click on “Extreme Offset: Troubleshoot, Control, Optimize” under the “Public Workshops” heading. Don’t wait to register for Extreme Offset as this program is known to sell out quickly.

If you want to attend Extreme Offset but March is not convenient for you, there are other options. This event is so popular, we are running two sessions in addition to the March event—July 23–25, 2013, and November 5–7, 2013. Choose the date most convenient to you and put it in your calendar now.