The Redline is due to be installed at the beginning of October.

According to Diecut UK, the new machine is capable of cutting sheets of up to 1.9×1.3m at speeds of up to 3,000sph. It features a 500t cutting press and can handle thicknesses of 0.5mm-12mm. A “triple-action stripping section and grip-edge removal” mean the machine can output 100% stripped product.

The RL-1900 is also equipped with a retractable, automated top feed system, which can feed rigid sheets without the need for operator interference. The feed system can be retracted to allow more difficult substrates, such as thin plastics and self-adhesive films, to be hand-fed into the machine.

Dave Leighton, managing director at Ashton, Manchester-based Fast Pak, said: “At Fast Pak we go through a lengthy procurement process, evaluating all of our options available and make purchases based on fact. The Redline quite simply won due to how well built and robust the machine is and because of the features that enable the operator to make ready and change jobs quickly and efficiently.”

Fast Pak supplies corrugated packs and cases for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.