Tuesday 25 June

Fespa Flight Briefing B75N
11-11.30am Fespa Flight briefing
11.30am-12pm Slovak SDPA activities – education and training
12-12.30pm Together we are stronger
12.30-1pm Panel session

Sustainability Conference B75N
2-2.30pm Sustainability – what does it mean to you?
2.30-3pm Planet friendly
3-3.30pm ISO 16759: calculating the carbon footprint of print media products
3.30-4pm Knowing your supply chain: a timber industry perspective
4-4.30pm How emphasising ‘sustainability’ can deliver profits for your organisation. A case study
4.30-5pm Making ‘sustainability’ work for your business
5-5.30pm Panel session: How to become more efficient

Packaging and instore Conference Q100N
11-11.30am Opening remarks
11.30am-12pm Shopper engagement Study: Lessons in shopper currency, instore decisions and neuroscience
12-12.30pm Design and delivery for instore
2-2.30pm Creating desire within constraint
2.30-3pm Instore displays and packaging
3-3.30pm Innovation that leads to cost reduction through change in structural pack design
3.30-4pm Panel session: packaging and instore
4-4.30pm Pantone colour communication seminar
4.30-5pm GWG 2012 specifications

Screen Printing Conference K65N
11-11.30am Introductory tutorial for screen printing
12-12.30pm Setting up a raster file
2-2.30pm Integrated registration system
3-3.30pm Working in layers

Wednesday 26 June
Digital Textile Conference B75N
10.30-11am Digital textile printing-increasing opportunities for the printer
11-11.30am Digital technologies: the right choice
11.30am-12pm Sublimation vs direct-to-garment – a technology reality tour
12-12.30pm The true cost of digital textile printing
12.30-1pm Differentiation, a path to clients
2-2.30pm Diversification – adding digital decoration (or sublimation) to an existing business
2.30-3pm From catwalk to consumer
3-3.30pm How digital technology affords screen printing sustainability
3.30-4pm Using social media to drive a printing business
4-4.30pm Air your views in a creative way
4.30-5pm Meeting the challenges of a new generation – a glimpse into the textile printing industry of tomorrow
5-5.30pm Panel session: opportunities and barriers in digital textile printing

Interiors Conference Q100N
11-11.30am Digital print and interior style, a designer’s perspective.
11.30am-12pm How Spoonflower serves fabric over the web
12-12.30pm Get real – be fake
12.30-1pm Digitalising the fine art market
2-2.30pm Catering for corporate spaces
2.30-3pm Migrating from screen to digital for home furnishing and apparel: a UK manufacturer’s experience and perspective
3-3.30pm Pioneering floor printed vinyl
3.30-4pm A tour through interior design
4-4.30pm Interiors keynote: back to the future
4.30-5pm Panel session: opportunities and barriers of printing for interiors

Screen Printing Conference K65N
11-11.30am Adding type on a path
12-12.30pm T-shirt treatments – spraying and dipping demonstration
2-2.30pm Innovations in screen chemicals
3-3.30pm Designing for black shirts
4-4.30pm How to change colours in an image

Thursday 27 June
Digital Conference B75N
10.30-11am Trendspotting in digital
11-11.30am Digital business leaders at work – how to grow a digital wide-format business
11.30am-12pm The digital blueprint – business planning for a digital environment
12-12.30pm How to grow added-value digital sales
12.30-1pm Going for gold at London 2012
2-2.30pm Workflow – the key to digital efficiency and growth
2.30-3pm Creating a digital value proposition
3-3.30pm Panel session: digital debate; futureproofing

Brand and Creative Day Q100N
10.30-11am Registration and welcome
11-11.30am Audience measurement and advertising effectiveness
11.30am-12.30pm The power of printed media
12.30-1pm Panel session: Creative day
2-2.30pm Printing for gold at London 2012
2.30-3pm Personalisation in print
3-3.30pm The real cross-media revolution
3.30-4pm Creative Corner keynote
4-4.30pm Panel session: print in the marcomm mix
4.30-5pm Print inspiration runway

Screen Printing Conference K65N
11-11.30am Special effect inks: high-density, discharge and others – demonstration
12-12.30pm How to separate an image
2-2.30pm Panel: innovative advances in emulsions
3-3.30pm Removing art from a flattened background
4-4.30pm Working with discharge ink
4.30-5pm How to save a DCS2 file

Friday 28 June
Business Building Conference B75N
10.30-11am Demystifying cross-channel marketing
11-11.30am Driving better business performance
11.30am-12pm Business growth systems
12-12.30pm Social media tutorial
12.30-1pm Panel session: business building skills in sales and marketing
2-2.30pm The importance of partnerships in a digital world
2.30-3pm Website tutorial
3-3.30pm Implementing web-to-print and taking your services online
3.30-4pm How to build sales teams
4-4.30pm Building and sustaining a successful business
4.30-5pm Mergers & acquisitions and strategic partnerships
5-5.30pm Panel session: business building skills

OOH Conference Q100N
11-11.30am Will digital signage in outdoor media significantly reduce the amount of print produced?
11.30am-12pm Operational excellence in wide-format production
12-12.30pm ‘Xtreme OOH’
12.30-1pm Panel session: OOH conference
2-2.30pm How mobile engagement technologies transform print into a digital media enabler
2.30-3pm The changing face of outdoor
3-3.30pm How mobile platforms can harness the power of print and continue brand conversations
3.30-4pm Online advertising going mainstream, big data and what it means to our industry
4.30-5pm Panel session exploring out-of-home

Screen Printing Conference K65N
11-11.30am Panel: screen printers panel – what are you doing that is new and innovative?
12-12.30pm Panel: innovative advances in textile printing equipment
12.30-1pm Using clip art to create full-colour images
2-3.30pm T-shirt printing world record attempt
3.30-4pm Four colour process – part 1
4-4.30pm Four colour process – part 2
4.30-5pm Turning full-colour into one and two colours

Saturday 29 June
Industrial Screen Printing Conference B75N
10.30-11am Could you add value with printable electronics and other functional materials?
11-11.30am Industial screen printing for glass
11.30am-12pm Industial screen printing for plastics
12-12.30pm Printed electronics: what does it have to offer?
12.30-1pm Panel: industial screen printing

Screen Printing Conference K65N
11-11.30am Getting the most out of your artwork
12-12.30pm Documentation

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