“Nobody else has this level of flexibility, adhesion and opacity,” stated FFEI managing director Andy Cook.

The Graphium uses Xaar heads combined with Fujifilm ink and an Edale transport system, with integration by FFEI. Fujifilm will sell the press in a number of European markets, including the UK.

“Fujifilm came to us with a nice white ink about 18 months ago. White ink is difficult to jet, this one uses some clever technology and special fluids – Fujifilm pulled a white rabbit out of the hat!” Cook said.

“It doesn’t crack, and it sticks to the substrate – you can’t lift it off with Sellotape. White ink will be the battleground in the years ahead,” he added.

As well as labels, the Graphium’s transport system is also suitable for other substrates, such as tissue and film, and Cook envisages a wide range of potential applications for the device.

“It could even be fluffy material, it won’t snarl up in the press and destroy it.”

The press has a 330mm or 410mm print width and runs at up to 50m/min, with 35m/minute viewed as the optimum speed. It costs around £600,000 depending on the configuration.

FFEI is also tempting buyers by offering a year’s warranty on the printheads, because of its belief in the reliability of the system.

It took five orders at the recent Print 13 show in Chicago and will ship the first machines to customers in the USA next month. Shipments to European customers will begin in Q1 2014.