The tool, which is made by UK technology company ccDotmeter, combines a high-spec, off-the-shelf digital microscope with software from Centurfax. It allows users to measure the image on a plate and then calibrate the platesetter.

In addition to being used in-house by Fujifilm’s plate specialists, the manufacturer recommends that its plate users purchase a dotmeter in order to check that their platesetter remains within tolerance.

Fujifilm UK offset solutions product manager Sean Lane said: “Complex electro-mechanical equipment such as a platesetter does need checking regularly to ensure that the highest quality standards are still being maintained.

“This is not a flaw in the plates or the imaging device. This is why printing standards such as ISO 12647-2 stipulate the need for a device to accurately measure plate creation equipment.

“By investing a few hundred pounds in a MicroDot printers can save themselves a lot of expensive wasted time, spoilt print that goes in the bin, and annoyed customers. It’s a no brainer!”

Paul Foster, sales director for ccDotmeter, said: “This is another great success for British software in the printing industry. Fujifilm is a company that focuses on print quality.

“The microDot itself was thoroughly tested by Fujifilm both in the UK and at its Tilburg factory prior to Fujifilm Europe recommending the product to its subsidiary operations and dealerships.”

The MicroDot is suitable for reading a wide range of plate types including Fujifilm’s Brillia HD PRO-T3 plate.