The Acuity Advance Select HS has its worldwide launch at the show. It can be configured with six ink channels for faster printing or special colours.

With CMYK+CM it can print at up to 49.7sqm/hour. Alternatively, the extra channels can be used for white or clear ink.

“We can drive it faster, while maintaining quality,” said Gary Barnes, global product manager at Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems. “Clear is the new white – clear ink can be used to build texture or highlight certain areas. It adds value.”

The Select HS has a standard bed size of 2.5×1.25m (the extra-large version is 2.5×3.05m) and can handle roll and rigid media. The list price is £167,000, or £214,000 for the larger-format option.

The new model is available immediately.

The bed of the Select HS has six zones, with pre-defined areas representing the most commonly-used media sizes.

Barnes added: “Users don’t need to mask the bed so it gives better productivity. With flatbed or roll printing, and white or clear ink, it makes it a very versatile and productive machine.”

Fespa takes place at London’s Excel exhibition centre from 25-29 June. Fujifilm is on stand F10S/E05S.