Making its global debut at North Print & pack last week, the latest version of the developer’s colour management software includes a raft of new features designed to improve user experience and to greatly improve colour accuracy.

Most notably a Paper Adaption Tool has been added, which is designed to help printers avoid colour mismatch between the paper tint on proofs, according to different standards, and the substrate to be printed. Version 4.8 allows the user to select a susbtrate colour and ColorServer adapts the data to match the proof.

GMG’s director of business unit packaging Victor Asseiceiro said that the new capability would be a huge advantage to printers. “Colour mismatch is a huge issue for many printers and a lot of time can be wasted over it, but this really will get rid of the problem and help them to be much more efficient and accurate.”

ColorServer 4.8 also contains new RGB to CMYK separation profiles.

Additionally the latest version of ColorServer can output files from a PDF hot folder directly to any Windows printer.

New PDF file conversion features include improved image compression, allowing flattened images to be treated with either Zip or Jpeg compression to reduce file size, more precise sharpening capability and the separation of spot colours to a late binding CMYK enabling accurate conversion of spot colours into a large printer gamut.

GMG also used last week’s North Print & Pack for the UK debut of its OpenColor packaging proofing system and GMG CoZone, its cloud-based colour management product.

The developer claimed that OpenColour was the industry’s first application to offer precise and predictable spot colour simulation, by analysing ink behavior in relation to the substrate’s colourmetric properties, and that it would “greatly extend colour control and repeatability”.

GMG UK managing director said: “GMG OpenColor is designed to specifically produce extremely accurate digital proofs for printers using spot colours without the overhead of extensive press fingerprinting.”

Meanwhile cloud-based CoZone is a modular system designed to align colour management, proofing, communication and approval processes on different output formats through the supply-chain.