Launching the new press this week at China Print 2013 Goss said that the Magnum Compact boasted a range of features to deliver fast makereadies, simplified operation and run-length flexibility.

Key features include automatic plate changing as standard, flexible run lengths and a compact height of 2.2m for operational advantages.

The new press retains many features of the Goss Community/Magnum single-width press but also includes auto plate loading and compact design, making it a first for the sector, according to the manufacturer.

Goss International marketing manager Eric Bell said the inclusion of automatic plate changing as standard was a “crucial factor” in delivering new capabilities.

He added: “Enabling plates for the next product or edition to be loaded while the press is running means the full sequence of old plate removal and new plate loading requires less than 30 seconds.

“This produces a dramatic impact on crew requirements, makeready waste and press uptime. Additionally the removed plates can be reused, making this ideal for repeat small-batch production of books and other publications.”

Bell said that the Magnum Compact was ideal for producing run lengths from as low as 500 copies through to 250,000 plus and that in reducing makeready time by as much as 90%, the automation of the new press enabled printers and publishers to reach into new markets and applications.

“Today’s cost pressures on printed media mean printers of every size and variety need to streamline production, reduce overheads, and keep their presses running round-the-clock.

It will deliver more flexibility and opportunity for printers of newspapers, as well as books and specialized or niche publications,” Bell said.