The Lancashire-based firm installed the new £36,000 wide-format machine last month, through UK supplier I-sub Digital, as a replacement for a six-year old model of the roll-to-roll inkjet printer.

The Mimaki JV5 roll-to-roll printer is available in four- or six-colour configurations, has a maximum speed of 50sqm per hour and is offered with a choice of HS3 or SS21 solvent and ES3 eco-solvent inks.

Heckford opted for SS21 outdoor-durable solvent inks, which do not require pressroom ventilation and are supplied in two-litre ‘eco-sacks’ delivered in 100% recyclable packaging.

Pressroom manager at the circa 50-staff company Pawel Dunaj said that with the new inks, the upgrade provided a more comfortable working environment than with the HS3 inks used with the older model and was far more efficient.

“The new JV5 with bulk SS21 inks has been a real improvement for us. I can safely say there are almost no fumes or odour and we no longer need a carbon filter,” he said. “The bulk ink system is also useful because we don’t need to replace the inks as often.”

Dunaj said one of the machine’s highlights was that it enabled the company, which specialises in high-quality vinyl, signage, exibition and interior and exterior displays, to produce PVC banners at 40sqm per hour “at great quality”.

I-sub Digital director Andy Spreag said: “It is a great testament to the JV5 printer that a respected company like Heckford has chosen to purchase the same machine as they did six years ago.

“It demonstrates that Mimaki JV5 technology is still offering fantastic print quality at the fast production speeds normally associated with grand-format machines.”