The ColorBooster 250 2.5m wide-format machine, to be launched in the US at next month’s SGIA expo in Orlando, Florida, will be available in the UK in the first quarter of next year, said chief executive Kees van der Looij.

The ColorBooster 250 is designed to bring digital textile printing to a wider audience with low investment cost, he said.

Three models include a Starter edition with four printheads costing around €100,000 (£85,000); a Productivity edition with six printheads for just under €125,000 (£105,000) and an Ultimate model at under €150,000 (£126,000).

“The kit focuses on customers stepping into textile printing or those who already print on PVC and want to switch to soft signage,” he said.

“It is a green product with water-based inks. Textiles are more environment-friendly than PVC and this offers a greener alternative to PVC.”

The devices range in speed from 14sqm per hour to 64sqm per hour. The Productivity and Ultimate machines include on-board air conditioning and humidifiers to ensure a consistent print finish, according to the manufacturer.

Managing director Peter Hollanders said: “Research and enquiries have demonstrated there is a strong market for a cost-effective solution that suits businesses entering the textile sector for the first time and want a modestly priced machine.”