The new head, released earlier this year, features a stainless steel cap to protect the anti-wetting layer of the nozzle plate from deterioration during operation and cleaning cycles.

The Netherlands-based manufacturer of digital textile print equipment is to include the improved head in all of its future ColorBooster XL installations as well as making it available as an option for clients with existing machines.

Additionally the manufacturer has introduced a capping station that includes a nozzle plate cleaning system with fluid flush and soft wipers.

Hollanders will upgrade all ColorBooster XL 320 systems to incorporate the new element as part of its offered print maintenance service covering current life-cycle contracts.

Hollanders marketing and communications manager Roland Biemans said: “The capping station and print-head change might appear to be relatively minor elements in the overall machine, but all key parts that are upgraded must be acknowledged and factored in as a benefit for the increased life and easier maintenance of the printer.”