We’re all trying to adjust to color standards updates, new automated workflow systems, and a steady flow of emerging technologies. Everyone in the workflow is responsible for ensuring that the color of a printed piece is accurate and consistent all the way from concept to customer.

If you’re like Elizabeth Nolden, a production manager at Sign-Zone, Inc., you are looking to stay competitive in today’s market and find the latest information on color technologies and trends. As a long-time attendee of the Color Management Conference, we asked her how this particular event helps her stay fresh in her career.

Q: As a printer aiming to stay up-to-date on color management tech, why is this conference unique in the industry, and why is it important for workflow and production?

Elizabeth Nolden: This conference is unique in a sense that it gathers all print professionals together to talk about one issue they can all relate to, color. Whether you’re a designer at an ad agency or a print operator, offset or wide format, we all deal with color. This year’s conference in particular is geared toward brand management through the entire process. It will also be uniquely structured from previous years. I’m excited to see where it takes us.

Q: What can attendees expect to learn and how can they prepare to get the most out of the conference when they come?

EN: My recommendation would be to look at the schedule early and plan your path ahead of time. The conference is segmented out for different levels of expertise. Make sure you’re attending the sessions you’ll get the most out of. Attendees can expect to learn a lot of technical pieces of print, but also some good tips and tricks to increase your productivity.

Q: What can production professionals, who need to learn to speak the language of brand managers, designers, and standards experts, expect to get out of it?

EN: It’s important for production professionals to understand all aspects of print, including design and brand management. With the collaboration effort of this conference and wide variety of attendees it’s a great opportunity for everyone to speak the same language to reduce communication gaps.

Q: What do you personally learn when you attend the conference, and how has this event helped you keep up to date on color tech, standards, and specifications?

EN: I can always count on learning something new at this conference. As a print professional, it’s always helpful to keep track of all standards, but also to learn where the industry is going, not just where our little niche is. It’s also a great opportunity to network with other print professionals.

Q: What sessions are you most looking forward to?

EN: I am most looking forward to the keynote speakers. I’m always interested in hearing how the key players in this industry deal with the very same issues I’m dealing with.

Learn more about the 2013 Color Management Conference, December 7–10, by visiting www.printing.org/color.