The new printer is a 2.5×1.3m UV flatbed machine. It comes in two configurations; the KX5 and the KX5-R, which has an optional 2.2m-wide roll-to-roll feature.

The new machine uses a patented inkset that the company said had been specially formulated to give strong adhesion to difficult substrates, such as glass, acrylic and metal, without the need for a primer. According to the company, it is guaranteed not to chip when routed or cut. It can also be printed onto softer substrates, such as polypropylene, and then folded without cracking.

The KX5 employs the same next-generation 6 picolitre Konica Minolta 1024 printheads as can be found on the Jetrix 1212, which, according to Inktec, offer “photographic quality” and can print at up to 1,440dpi at speeds of up to 30sqm/hr.

It also features a multi-layer print function that enables users to schedule their print in layers instead of having to do multiple passes.

Inktec launched the KX5 in the US at the IFA show in April and one machine has since been installed at a US reseller, Seiko America. The list price for the new machine is around £90,000 depending on the specification.