The graphic inkjet discs, available in 25, 30 and 61mm widths, have been redesigned based on previous products from the Hampshire-based disc filter manufacturer, to protect print heads against a greater range of solvents, including all standard polypropylene and acetone.

The disc filters sit inline against the surface of the print head to prevent reuptake of solvents and blocking during the printing process, thereby protecting the printheads and maintaining print quality.

The filtration area is 35% larger than standard size discs, resulting in enhanced flow characteristics and consistent print performance, according to the manufacturer.

Martin Hanlon, print operations manager for Porvair, the parent company of Imprinta, said: “All the materials used in the Microdisc are impervious to the solvents that the wide-format industry uses.”

He added that the UK company had recognised a need to keep up with the ever-growing range of solvents used by the wide-format market, such as acetone, which former products were not resistant to.

The Microdisc has been designed for use in high-speed and high throughflow print projects. Supplied as standard with white filter housing, Microdisc filters are also available with black housing for UV ink.

The new products have a “higher hold up”, letting fewer particles through and hence expanding the life of print heads, according to Hanlon. They are available as standard with membrane thicknesses of 5, 10 and 20 microns, but the manufacturer will take requests for sub-micron designs.

Hanlon said that the Microdisc was suitable for any printers and had been designed with cheaper plastics to enable the company to pass on a reasonable selling price on the end user. Prices start at £10 per filter, and he recommended fitting between eight and 24 discs depending on the size of the printer.

The Microdisc filters are expected to be commercially available within the next six weeks following final testing by Inprinta. They will be sold through a wide distribution channel across the world; UK resellers are yet to be confirmed.