Craig Waller is set to leave Informa Group on 6 September to take up his new role working on DWTC’s consumer boat and motor shows from 17 September.

“I will miss the industry immensely. This has been a very hard decision to make but this is an incredible opportunity for both myself and my family that I would have been crazy to turn down,” Craig Waller told PrintWeek.

“I originally asked if I could leave after Ipex 2014 as I would really like to see it, but DWTC couldn’t give me that degree of flexibility, which I totally understand,” he added.

“I’ve completed the strategy for the show, it’s now just about the execution, which is where other people take over.”

Craig Waller, who is also event director for Cross Media, said that having worked in trade shows for 15 years, he was looking forward to the new experience of working on the consumer side.

He added that moving abroad was “part of my DNA” having lived in Singapore when he was younger.

“So although the role will be something new, moving abroad really is just a natural thing for me to do,” he added.

Following Craig Waller’s departure, Informa marketing manager Angelina Stojsavljevic will step up to head marketing for Ipex, which is set to take place in London in March 2014.

Meanwhile commercial activity for Cross Media will be headed by Tim Edwards with Andy Thornhill as marketing manager for the event.

“I’m really proud of the legacy I’ve been able to produce in terms of the number of print shows I have worked on and helped develop. I’ve had an amazing experience,” said Craig Waller.