It is survival of the fittest in the tumultuous financial market today. Proper planning, current knowledge, and ability to make timely decisions are more important than ever. Printing Industries of America hosts the annual Printing Industry Financial Executives (PIFE) Conference April 1–3, 2012, in St. Louis, MO in conjunction with the Continuous Improvement Conference. The PIFE Conference is a roadmap that allows you to assess your priorities, create an effective plan for your future, and monitor your improvement. It also provides you the unique chance to network with your peers. 

As a V.P. of Finance, Controller, COO, or CFO, you will hear speakers from some of the top financial firms in the country provide you with the tools and resources to not only survive in today’s financial market, but to thrive. Here is a sampling of what these leaders will be presenting at the 2012 PIFE Conference:

  • Learn new tax law and compliance so you can receive the benefits and credits available to make the best business decisions. (Amelia Beckmann, CPA, Principal, LarsonAllen LLP and Timothy O’Shaughnessy, Principal, Tax, LarsonAllen LLP)
  • Execute initiatives with effective performance management and accountability standards using sound benchmarking and key economic metrics to improve the likelihood of success. (Mel Enger, President, Carlson Advisors)
  • Gain an insight into your employer fiduciary responsibilities as they pertain to your 401(k) plan. (John J. Moynihan, President, Diversified Financial Advosors, LLC)

One of the most beneficial aspects of the PIFE Conference is networking with other industry professionals. Past participants of the conference, like Gregory J. Dooley, Chief Financial Officer, HM Graphics, Inc., have not only learned many cost-saving strategies but also made valuable connections with their peers. 

“It is helpful to get to know people in similar financial situations. When you run into an issue in the future, you can call on them to see how they overcame it and apply [the same method] to your own business.”

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin knew a lot about financial success. Plan now for tomorrow’s financial success. Seize the opportunity to learn from the experts and from your peers. Use this knowledge to achieve your own financial prosperit

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