The kit replaced a 13-year-old machine from Wraps UK, said managing director James Wheeler, who is using it for jobs including shrink wrapping of books. His company paid £18,500 for the equipment, supplied by Friedheim International.

“The old equipment was coming to the end of its useful life and we wanted more speed and better options on size – this kit goes up to A3,” he said. “We were keen to increase not so much turnover but to make the work we do more profitable.”

The EM 24 EL-Matic sealer runs at 600 to 2,400 packs per hour and the TM 18 TE-Matic shrink tunnel has a conveyor speed of 2.8 to 9.4m per minute.

Kensett, based in Hove employs 40 staff and makes £1.8m turnover.

It’s nearby sister company K&L Laminators has 10 staff and makes a turnover of around £1.4m.