The new PrintChecker 450 detects differences in colours, printing and foil stamping, as well as spots and typing errors compared to a scanned master, and can be either single or twin stream. It is aimed at those currently performing checks by hand or with a camera installed on their folder gluer.

John Harrison, sales manager for converting at Friedheim International, the distributor of the PrintChecker, said that the advantage of an offline system was that inspection quality could be assured by a stable vacuum transport belt.

Harrison said: “The advantage of offline is that the PrintChecker offers a stable platform and position from the camera so that you get a constant check from one carton to the next. So the carton isn’t moving towards or further away from the camera.”

Costing £145,000 for a single stream machine with a standard ejector, the PrintChecker is targeted principally at manufacturers producing high quality pharmaceutical, cosmetics, tobacco and food cartons.

“They’re the ones physically checking every carton that goes through the folder gluer,” said Harrison.

He added: “This won’t be necessary for some industries but for example if there are unique codes or zero defect products then you need some way to check each and every carton. This will be particularly key for pharmaceutical carton manufacturer so that languages aren’t confused or the wrong dosage given. There can obviously be dire consequences of that happening so you need to avoid that situation.”

The PrintChecker has a facility for collecting rejected cartons rather than throwing them in a bin or destroying them. This way cartons can be examined more closely to see whether they should be allowed through.

Other printed applications and processes the PrintChecker can be used for include digital braille, inkjet and labelling.

The PrintChecker has yet to be sold to any UK sites but is installed at several pharmaceutical carton manufacturers in Germany.

Friedheim International is sole distributor of the PrintChecker in the UK and Ireland.