The Nassenger Pro 120 has a new printhead maintenance system and is a high-performance inkjet textile printer with double the printing speed of the Nassenger PRO 60, which was launched last year at ITMA.

The new model, which has a footprint of 15sqm, runs at 120sqm per hour and has independently-driven, water-based high-density inkjet printheads with a nine-colour ink gamut. The printhead maintenance system meanwhile, has been made to enable smooth overnight or continuous long-run printing.

The manufacturer claims that the printheads’ independent drive system allows simultaneous emission from each nozzle to realise high productivity.

“This system ensures stable printing quality and contributes to reduction of the workload for the operator,” said a spokesman.

“Nassenger PRO 120 also has a dryer and textile winder to realize a total inkjet printing solution that incorporates unwinding, printing, drying and winding functions.”