Have you ever regretted a written text message or video sent to someone? Have you ever sent a joke or forwarded someone’s message and had second thoughts?  A new messaging service called TigerText may be the answer.  It sounds intriguing for those who fear the records they are creating. Both the sender and the receiver must have the app.  This app is available on iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry devices. Basically, the user sends a message/video and sets an expiration date; message travels across the TigerText network; receiver activates the expiration process upon opening the message.  Immediately upon expiration, the service writes over the file and no copies are stored or available.  I am going to find a friend to try this. What business could benefit from using this?  Doctors?  Lawyers?  Fund Traders? Alleged criminals that have their messages brought into court will wish they used it. How could our industry benefit from disappearing text? Users could be anyone who wants privacy.  Check out a review of TigerText: http://prnt.in/Z43

 Here is the article in WSJ–http://prnt.in/Z4J