The ‘dry’, ultra-smooth film is based on the same technology used to protect smartphone screens and can be screen, solvent and UV inkjet printed.

It is delivered covered by a protective film that can simply be peeled off and the substrate placed up against a window.

The 100-micron polyester film can be removed and re-used making it attractive to retailers that want to advertise short-term promotions in their windows.

The film comes in a standard width of 1.5m, available in rolls or in any sheet size requested, at a price of around £9 per sqm.

Managing director Andy Voss said: “The cost is really small compared to what you’ll be paying if you have to get a professional fitter out to put up the standard adhesive acrylics that many people use.

“Obviously those can’t be re-used either and not all of them have the benefit of being 100% PVC free, which our films are.”