Visitors to FESPA from 25 to 29 June will see the UV printable E-2200ZC and eco-solvent printable E-1000ZC, which will also be shown with a matched over-laminating film for ultra-clear, scratch resistance.

“We will have two main focuses for the show,” said managing director Andy Voss. “The first is for point-of-sale window graphics used by the likes of Next – high optical clarity, good see-through quality and easy to remove.

“The other focus is more architectural, such as hard-coated, UV-blocking material typically used for office partitions, which is scratch resistant but print receptive. Once installed it looks like it’s been printed directly on to the glass.”

Voss said the substrates, which are commercially available, do not stretch or shrink like PCV material and can be removed in one piece for quick and clean changeovers.

“The main differential between us and competitors is we make our products in a high-tech clean-room environment. Others tend to make materials in a normal manufacturing environment , so ours have no defects or dirt,” said Voss.

Also on show will be Lumisty window film, which controls what can and cannot be seen by changing from translucent to transparent depending on viewing angle.

Voss said the firm’s products were used across sectors including aerospace, automotive, electronics and pharmaceuticals.